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3D Computer Guided Dental Implant

We Take the Guesswork out of Implant Surgery!




Surgical Guide


Cone Beam 3D Scan

     Dr. Sung uses the most advanced technology to create a natural, esthetic and predictable solution to tooth replacement.  Our dental implant patients have the distinct advantage of our advanced imaging capability and 3D guided placement assistance protocol.  Without this highly valuable tool, other dental professionals must estimate the placement of your dental implants. 

     Dr. Sung starts by using 3D precision-enhancing technology.  The guesswork is removed from our procedure by using a 3D image of the skull and then performing a “virtual surgery” on the computer model.  After the ideal position is calculated on the computer model, a surgical guide is fabricated by our implant lab and is used to place the implants in position during the surgery.  This ensures the implant is placed in the mouth as an exact copy of the computer model.  When placing a dental implant, it is very important the implant be placed in its proper position for two reasons. First, there are many different structures that need to be avoided (nerve, blood vessels...) during placement. Secondly, because we are placing the implant to replace the a missing tooth we want to ensure that the tooth functions properly and looks as natural as possible. 

What makes us better?

1.  Precise and accurate placement of dental implants compared to traditional methods - This further  reduces the risk of complications and implant failure, while also allowing the procedure to go a little faster


2.  Less invasive surgery - smaller, precise, and cleaner incisions, which is incredibly beneficial to patients.


3.  Faster healing time - Smaller incisions ultimately help patients recover from surgery much faster, and  often with fewer complications.

Watch Dr. Sung perform a 3D Computer Guided Implant Surgery
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