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Special Program For Our Patients without insurance...

    If you are one of the many individuals or families without dental insurance, we offer a special "In Office Dental Plan". All of our plans includes two general cleanings, two routine exams (both six (6) months apart), and bitewing x-rays once every year.  There are no insurance hurdles like deductibles, waiting periods, annual maximums, denials of claims, or pre-approvals.  
     Drs. Basner & Nash created the plan in 1998 when they started this practice to help make routine dental care and maintenance more affordable for their patients.  We valued this great benefit to our loyal patients and, as a courtesy, have continued to offer the plan.  
     This plan is especially useful for small business owners, self-employed workers, the elderly and independent contractors (realtors, hairstylist, landscapers, healthcare providers....)  We also have patients, with dental insurance that we do not participate with, that sign up for our plan as an alternative to their dental insurance.

     Join the over 1000 active patients currently taking advantage of our plan!

MLD Smile Club



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