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Fights Cavities, Prevents Plaque, and Tastes Great!



    'What is Xylitol?'

        Xylitol is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that looks and tastes just like regular table sugar but with much added benefit to overall health! It is a natural sweetener that can be extracted from any woody fibrous plant material. Commercially it is extracted from renewable resources such as corncobs, and also from less environmentally sustainable sources such as hardwood. It is a great alternative to traditional sugars that also provides long lasting  helps fight cavities and stops the growth of bacteria in the mouth!


    'Why use Xylitol?'

        Xylitol's noncariogenic five-carbon structure keeps it from being metabolized by bacteria, stopping the production of tooth-decay causing acid and also helping to rebuild lost enamel. Other dental benefits also include a decrease of bacteria, enhancing the remineralization of teeth in small decay spots just developing in tooth enamel, and hardens the lining of existing cavities, making them less sensitive. 
        Other benefits of xylitol also include clearing of the nasal passages when used as a nasal spray, the prevention of ear infections and heart disease when taken orally, and finally the reduction of intraocular pressure (which may develop into glaucoma), periodontal disease, and the healing of wounds when used topically.


    'How is Xylitol used?'

        Xylitol is used in many different ways, ranging from mints and candies to mouthwash and nasal sprays. When talking about proper xylitol use, it is important to understand that it is not the amount of xylitol that one uses throughout the day but the frequency of how often the teeth come in contact with xylitol. If used occasionally or as often as once a day, xylitol may NOT be effective, regardless of how much has been used. It is best to remember to use xylitol at least three to preferrably five times a day. As seen on, remembering the 'Strive for 5' program may be useful in making sure the bacteria is no longer able to continue to grow, causing caries in the mouth.











    'Where can I purchase Xylitol products?'

        Xylitol products and their descriptions can be found at, and also right here in our office! We provide several xylitol products right here at Media Lima Dental that are available in two different sets consisting of XLEAR xylitol ranging from nasal sprays to oral rinse/spray and toothpaste. Below are instructions on how to correctly use the Xylitol Dry Mouth Relief System:






















Strive for 5, Xylitol Program:
1) Use Xylitol mouthwash, toothpaste, and nasal spray upon waking up
2) After breakfast, use Xylitol gum, mint, or candy
3) After lunch, use Xylitol gum, mint, or candy
4) After dinner, use Xylitol gum, mint, or candy
5) Use Xylitol mouthwash, toothpaste, and nasal spray upon going to bed


Please give us a call @ (610) 892-9280 with any questions/inquiries on purchasing a Xylitol Kit!

Click Here! For more information about Xylitol and its products!

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